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Our story

At Good Day Concept Store you will find unique home accessories and gifts made from natural materials. We are constantly looking for original, high-quality products, because we love beautiful items that last a lifetime.

We know where our products come from

We are genuinely interested in the origins of our products and who made them. We are looking for creative professionals in our immediate area who can broaden our range.

And we look further. To products that are made in a fair way, for a fair wage. We regularly come across special stories. Such as about Nepalese women who can send their daughters to study with the money they earn in the felt workshops. Or about small traditional family businesses that make their products entirely by hand.

We love responsible materials

We sell products made from local materials, such as the sheared fleeces of North Brabant hobby sheep that we occasionally have in our range. These furs are actually virtually worthless, but can be used as rugs by thoroughly cleaning them and providing them with a layer of felt.

Reuse also has our attention. For example, we sometimes sell cushions made from recycled cotton samples. This quality fabric almost ended up in the trash, while it can still be used for cushions and pouffes.

We'd love to tell you

Just as we get inspired ourselves, we also want to inspire our customers with new ideas. We want to convey the feeling of the discovery that makes your heart skip a beat and your breath catch for a millisecond. That special gift with which you really surprise your best friend. Or that unique accessory that makes your house a real home.

That is why we like to take all the time for our customers. We do this in our store at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. And of course we are always ready for the customers of our webshop.