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This is how you maintain a sheepskin

Sheepskins have become an indispensable part of our interior. The possibilities are endless, for example as a rug next to your bed or stylishly over a wooden bench. They are also useful outside, for example put one in your hanging chair. Besides being nice and soft, it is also extra cozy.

Wool stays clean for a long time

An application that you may not think of as quickly is as a pet rug. A dog or cat would love to lie on such a nice, soft sheepskin. You're probably wondering how you keep such a coat clean. Wool is dirt-repellent, so you don't have to wash the coat often. If you still want to wash it, that's actually a piece of cake.

Hoppa: straight into the washing machine

Our sheepskins do not contain leather, but are felted with wool into a rug. Besides the fact that this is animal-friendly - the sheep are still alive - a major advantage is that the fur can simply be thrown in the washing machine. So super easy! Use a wool wash program at a low temperature and preferably a wool detergent that contains lanolin. Of course, you can also wash by hand.

Drying sheepskin

Wool felts due to water, soap, heat and friction. So treat the coat carefully so that it does not felt further and therefore shrink. It is better not to spin it separately again and certainly not to put it in the dryer. Wringing out is also a bad idea, as is drying it on the radiator. How? That's easy: lying on a clothes rack.


Once the coat is dry, you can choose to brush it gently. You do this with a soft, hairy dog ​​brush. The coat may still lose some hair. Do not use a brush with iron pins, as this will pull a lot of hair from the coat. You may come across a piece of straw here and there. Although the coats have been carefully cleaned, some blades always remain. That's part of it!

Beautiful for a lifetime

If you treat the sheepskin carefully, it will remain beautiful for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of your life. A felt sheepskin is therefore a sustainable purchase. If you would like to know more about the maintenance of your felt sheepskin, please feel free to contact us.

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